ShellNoob 1.0 - a shellcode writing toolkit

Tags: #shellnoob, #shellcode, #ctf.

Today I'm really happy to publicly release ShellNoob (and to publish my first blog post :-))

During the many CTFs I played, there always has been the need to manually write some shellcode (yep, most of time Metasploit is not enough, even if you are lucky and you get a working shellcode...)

Now, writing shellcode is always super fun, but some parts are extremely boring and error prone. And after googling for the n-th time "how to ", I just got tired and I wrote, a simple Python script that makes some boring steps less boring.

I bet that there are tons of similar scripts around the web, but I never found anything that had all the features I wanted. If you have suggestions, please ping me!

Alright, let's go to the meat. This is the list of features:

Everything (i.e., the code, use cases, etc) is on github:

Check it out! Feedback, comments, and contributions are more than welcome!


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