Recent News

  • March 2019, I have released all the slides (~800!) of my Mobile Security (MOBISEC) class:!
  • July 2018, Two papers on new Android UI attacks and defenses accepted at CCS'18!
  • May 2018, I gave an invited talk at Google on the future of Android security.
  • May 2018, With the OOO team, we have hosted DEF CON CTF Quals 2018.
  • Jan. 2018, I will serve on a number of program committees, including ICDCS, DIMVA, USENIX's WOOT, ESSoS, EuroSec, and MALIoT.
  • Oct. 2017, Our paper on the (mis)use of the fingerprint Android API has been accepted to NDSS'18.
  • Sept. 2017, I joined EURECOM as Assistant Professor!
  • Aug. 2017, Our paper on account hijack vulnerabilities in mobile apps was accepted at ACSAC'17.
  • July 2017, I will serve on the program committee for the IEEE International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS 2018) security track.
  • May 2017, Cloak & Dagger hits the news!
  • May 2017, Cloak & Dagger wins Distinguished Practical Paper Award at IEEE S&P!
  • May 2017, Our Cloak & Dagger work goes public at
  • May 2017, Our paper on the security of mobile bootloaders got accepted at USENIX Security!
  • Apr. 2017, Our Cloak & Dagger work on Android UI attacks was accepted at BH USA 2017!
  • Mar. 2017, I am extremely happy to announce that, starting from September 2017, I will join EURECOM as an Assistant Professor!
  • Feb. 2017, My paper "Cloak and Dagger: From Two Permissions to Complete Control of the UI Feedback Loop" got accepted at IEEE S&P 2017!
  • Oct. 2016, Our paper on the privacy and security of the ultrasound ecosystem got accepted at PETS'17!
  • Oct. 2016, Our works on Drammer and Ultrasound tracking are in the news!
  • Oct. 2016, Our paper on a new technique to perform privacy leak detection got accepted at NDSS'17!
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