I'm Yanick Fratantonio (aka @reyammer), an Assistant Professor at EURECOM and I've recently joined Cisco Talos as a malware security researcher.

I work on systems security and privacy, with a focus on Android security (but also Windows and Linux platforms). My work covers a wide range of aspects, such as reverse engineering, malware analysis, binary analysis, and web security.

Contact Information

E-mail:yanick (at) fratantonio (dot) me
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My research has highlighted systemic flaws in many aspects of mobile devices, including Graphic User Interfaces (GUI deception, a11y attacks, phishing against password managers, and clickjacking), bootloaders, hardware memory modules, cryptography, dynamic code loading, authentication, and fingerprint API. I also worked on the detection and analysis of malicious logic bombs, native code components, Windows shellcode, and more recently Linux malware. Last I research about privacy aspects, such as data leaks and emerging ultrasound-based cross-device tracking mechanisms.


I have recently created a new class on Mobile Security (MOBISEC), first taught in Fall 2018 at EURECOM. This was designed to be an hands-on course, and it covers topics such as the mobile ecosystem, the design and architecture of mobile operating systems, application analysis, reverse engineering, malware detection, vulnerability assessment, automatic static and dynamic analysis, and exploitation and mitigation techniques. All the material/slides are available at mobisec.reyammer.io, and all the wargame-like challenges (featuring an APK analysis system!) are available at challs.reyammer.io.


I am a big fan of Capture The Flag (CTF) competitions and wargames — that is how I and many friends got into security. I recently joined the OOO team, the current DEF CON CTF organizers. I am also a core member of the Shellphish hacking team with which I played many competitions and organized many editions of the UCSB iCTF. I'm now also involved with the NOPS team, the EURECOM's hacking team, acting as their hackademic advisor.

Professional Highlights